Gay Couple with Aging Parents

They had been together for years and hadn't thought about end-of-life issues until one of their parents became very ill. Realizing that they each had a responsibility to understand the other's parent's wishes, they got together with each parent and went through the Go Wish cards.

While they thought they knew their parents fairly well, they found themselves wrong on a few key issues. Playing the game helped each partner understand everyone's wishes and it also gave the parents an opportunity to think about and ask for what was most important to them.

Shortly thereafter, one parent was hospitalized, unable to speak for herself, and needed to be on dialysis. Knowing that she was absolutely opposed to any long-term need for this kind of treatment, the partners were able to ask the doctors if the dialysis was short-term or long-term. It was only needed for a day or so and the partners agreed and her condition improved quickly.

In addition to understanding their parent's wishes, now both partners also know each other's wishes.... and they are encouraging all their friends to use the Go Wish cards!